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How much storage will I need?


What is self storage?

Use good quality storage boxes.
Fill boxes to capacity, but take care not to overfill – partially filled or bulging boxes may collapse or tip.
Pack heavy items in small boxes so that they can be lifted easily
Wrap all fragile goods in bubble wrap for added protection – and pack in boxes marked fragile
Label or number your boxes clearly, to help you find them easily
Make an inventory of all your stored belongings/goods
Position heavy or large items on the floor – unless you’re going to need to access them frequently – and stack smaller, lighter items on top
Protect all items too large to pack away with dust sheets
Place any items you’ll need to access regularly near the door


Household items and white goods
Leave refrigerator or freezer doors open for ventilation
Wrap all glass and ceramic items, including chinaware, glasses and vases, in paper or bubble wrap, and pack in boxes marked fragile
Pack framed pictures and mirrors on their sides in boxes marked fragile
Clean all garden equipment, bikes, tools, etc. thoroughly, before storing
Empty all petrol and paraffin tanks (where applicable: lawnmowers, heaters, etc.)


Separate stacked chairs with cloth or paper
Protect sofas, armchairs and other soft furnishings with dust sheets
Avoid placing heavy boxes on mattresses or sofas