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Storage tips.


How much storage will I need?


What is self storage?

Do you need a clean, dry and secure place to store furniture and other personal possessions, while you let your home – or take a gap year? Do you need somewhere to store all your belongings temporarily, while you’re waiting to move into a new house? Do you simply need to free-up room at home, or somewhere to store stuff you’ve purchased or inherited, until you can find the right place for it?

Children fleeing the nest?
When the kids finally leave home, they usually leave behind most of their stuff. They don¹t want to dump it - but you don¹t want it gathering dust. The smart solution? DHD. Store their belongings with us, and free up space for a home office or a new guest bedroom.

With 7-day a week accessibility, storage areas available from just 16 sq ft, and highly competitive rates, DHD is ideal for domestic users.

de-clutter your house, loft or garage
create more space in your home
store inherited items you can’t accommodate, safely and securely
store your furniture and personal belongings, while waiting for completion on your new home
store your personal possessions, while working abroad, or taking a gap year
house personal collections that have outgrown available house space
store unused furniture to create space for a new office.



Clever storage -
Putting your house on the market?

Nothing makes your home look smaller, less attractive – or deters would-be purchasers more effectively – than unnecessary clutter. So what can you do with all that stuff that’s currently in the way, but could be useful when you move? Answer: store it all at DHD, free-up space at home, and show your house in its best possible light.