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Running out of floor space? Continually tripping over boxes and files? Worried your offices don’t look as tidy as they should when customers visit?

Providing high quality accommodation at significantly lower rates than you would typically pay for commercial premises, DHD Self-storage is a very cost-effective way of freeing up workspace, optimising the area available for service delivery or production, and maximising the value of your current offices or business unit. Using DHD strategically, can even help to alleviate the need to move to larger and more costly premises.

optimise the space in your existing business premises by using DHD for all appropriate storage.
make the workplace tidier and safer for your employees, by freeing it of clutter .
ensure your business premises look presentable when customers or clients call in.
free-up valuable office space by storing your document archiving externally.
use DHD to help manage demands on your own warehousing capacity.
increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.



Smart Storage
Using DHD to store all those files, documents and records – the ‘dead filing’ you hardly ever need to see or use, but are obliged to keep perhaps for legal reasons – is a great way to free-up office space.